Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations. Flights to Sydney will arrive in Sydney Airport. Timing your cheap flight to Sydney, Australia, right can still help you save even in the height of tourist season, however. Accessing ticket information through consolidators and aggregators, such as Kayak, can be a great way to see ticket prices listed in one location and compare rates to get the best ones. If you discover that the cost of your flight has dropped, ask your airline if they will refund a portion of your cost and match the new price.

Although some people may choose to fly during the off-season in order to save on flights, not everyone is willing to sacrifice the height of the holiday season, Christmas on the beach, or other exciting travel times in order to save on airfare.  Travelling in the middle of the week or catching a less popular red eye flight can help you save dramatically. If you are planning on travelling throughout the country, consider purchasing and using a Qantas Aussie Airpass, which will help you save dramatically on the price of individual tickets.

Once you arrive in Sydney, travelling throughout the city and its surrounds can be easy and affordable, thanks to its extensive and well-developed public transportation system. Although the city covers more than 12,000 square kilometres, it is connected through monorail and light rail, buses, taxis, and trains. Water taxis and ferries add more options and speedier transportation across Sydney Harbour and area water inlets. Car rentals are also available for those who prefer the freedom to explore on their own time.

Sydney cbd skyline view from Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney harbour and Sydney CBD skyline viewed from Sydney Harbour Bridge

Accommodations are plentiful and include affordable budget hotels throughout the city, five-star hotels in the CBD and along the waterfront, furnished apartments, boutique hotels, and more. As with flights, you can often compare your choice of accommodations on Internet aggregator sites and book directly through them, saving you valuable time and energy.

Sydney is one of the most socially and economically advanced cities in the world. Visitors to this beautiful city can find far more than adventures in shopping, exciting sightseeing, and thrilling nightlife. They can also step off into the wild in the Blue Mountain region, surf and snorkel in the surrounding seas, or explore the cultural offerings in Sydney’s many art galleries and theatres.