Flights from Launceston to Sydney are available from 3 airlines and priced as little as $60 return. Flights last fewer than two hours, but they offer plenty of time for you to relax, get comfortable and daydream about the many possibilities. Leaving the city of Launceston behind as you board the aircraft may result in mixed feelings. Launceston is a remarkably beautiful city, and while it is the second-largest city in Tasmania, it is surprisingly small and well-designed so that you can easily get around on foot.


Airlines That Fly from Launceston to Sydney

Currently there are only three airlines that fly between Launceston and Sydney, these are Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia.
Jetstar is a budget airline which is a subsidiary airline of Qantas, which is Australia’s largest airline and operates the most regular flights between Launceston and Sydney. Virgin Australia, while still a big airline, operates quite irregularly. The reason for this is most likely that Jetstar have the contracts and are used to operating this particular domestic route.


The times that are available to fly in a 24 hour period between Launceston and Sydney

The average flight time between Launceston and Sydney is 1 hour and 40 minutes. This flight time doesn’t take into account delays and other problems. Jetstar operates a service everyday from Launceston to Sydney from 9:30am. They also operate an evening flight from 8pm on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday. Virgin Australia sort of pick up the slack but not completely, they operate a late morning flight from 11:35am on Sunday, Thursday and Friday. Another one leaves at 12:50pm but that is only on a Monday. A third flight operates only on a Sunday and leaves at 2:30pm. Between these two airlines they have covered almost every hour of the days of the week so there are plenty of flights that these two airlines provide and one can rest assured that they will get to Sydney from Launceston if they so desire.


One Way Fares, Return Fares, Economy, Business and First Class Fares

As with all domestic flights throughout Australia, they’re not going to be as expensive as an international flight, although some would most probably think that was a matter of opinion. All the fares are in Australian Dollars. Jetstar’s one way fares for one person vary between $60-70. Their return fares are much the same so booking a one way or return fare you will be booking at the same price.

Economy fares are much the same as Jetstar, being a low budget airline, prides itself on bringing it’s clients the lowest airfare with the best possible service. Business and First Class fares are usually a little bit higher and top out at the $100-150 mark.

Virgin Australia offer a flight to Sydney One Way from $100, Return flights for one person is $115 and Business and First class top out at over $1000. So it would appear that Jetstar is the far cheaper option to go with when flying from Launceston to Sydney and also, Jetstar operates the most number of flights for the week. Of course, Jetstar being a budget airline was always going to work to its advantage.


Your Arrival Into Sydney

Dreaming of your holiday in Sydney can get your mind off the bittersweet experience of leaving Launceston behind and help you pass your time in the sky. It can be easy to get lost in your own thoughts as you soar over the clouds. Soon you will be looking down into the sparkling waters of Sydney Harbour with its sailboats and water taxis bobbing along the waves. You may let your mind wander as to the possibilities. Will you explore all the shopping options in this vibrant cosmopolitan city? Weekend markets, designer boutiques, arcades and malls all offer different experiences, and you can pick up a variety of things, including handmade clothing, one-off jewellery, Australiana, locally produced edibles and works of art.

You may also dream of long, lazy days at the beach. As Sydney’s warm rays sink into your skin, you will feel warmed all the way from your head to your toes. The sands of its silky beaches offer a grainy contrast to the heat of the sun, and you may bound into the water for a refreshing, cooling splash. You won’t even need to leave the beach as the fire-rimmed clouds sink into darkness at sunset. Bistros, clubs, bars, cinemas, restaurants, coffee shops and diverse entertainment options are all within easy reach of Bondi’s boardwalk. Later you can spend a night at the opera, and enjoy a glass of Australian wine as you overlook the brilliant skyline before losing yourself in The Rocks.


Your Departure from Launceston

Because Launceston has changeable weather patterns, planning your visit can take a bit of research and luck. Winters are cold, which is why many people prefer to travel during the summer holidays from December through January. Spring is also popular with warm days and cooler nights that beckon you to get outside and enjoy them. With an average of 300 sunny days a year, there almost isn’t a bad time to visit Sydney. Sydney is warm and sunny during the summer, but it’s generally more affordable in the spring and fall.

The time of year you visit may lead to a different experience. Cooler winter temperatures may mean less time at the beach and more time taking in the various cultural venues while warm summer days can leave you craving sand between your toes and a steady stream of icy drinks.

Tickets from Launceston to Sydney are available on Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Qantas, and they range from just $59 to $220 for economy class tickets. Nearly two dozen flights a week travel between these cities, giving you several choices beginning as early as 10 a.m. and continuing until 10 p.m.

Launceston was established as a farmers’ trading centre and military base in 1806. The city is considered the gateway to the Tamar Valley wineries, which feature cool-climate varieties, and elegant Victorian buildings grace its quiet lanes. The city is compact, which makes it easier to explore, shop and discover cultural attractions.

The meandering boardwalk in Launceston can take you past upscale restaurants, turn-of-the-century parks and Cataract Gorge, a rock climber’s paradise that is considered one of the city’s top attractions where you can climb sheer cliff walls or enjoy a chairlift for the best views over the waterways. Nearby Narawntapu, Ben Lomond National Park and other area national parks offer adventure and excitement for bushwalkers, rock climbers and others.