Travelling can be an adventure, but it is not without its expenses. The journey itself, particularly for those travelling to or across Australia, will require a large percentage of an individual’s travel budget. Second to transportation expenses, however, is the expense associated with accommodations. Many people flock to the best-known hotels or resorts, or they book a room in the most centrally located hotel. Both choices can have certain benefits, but neither is necessarily the best source for accommodation deals in Sydney.

Everyone travelling will have his or her own personal travel budget. When you create your travel budget, it should ensure necessary costs can be covered comfortably while still allowing for fun extras, such as entertainment and dining out. Your budget will be as individual as you are. Although travel and accommodations will inevitably require a large percentage of your budget, you can often find great discounts and deals that will leave you with more discretionary funds to enjoy throughout your holiday.

One of the best ways to cut down on the expenses associated with your accommodations is to determine what kind of Sydney experience you crave. The sunny beaches, the stunning Blue Mountains, the bustling CBD or vibrantly diverse Kings Cross neighbourhood all have their own individual charms and can provide you with a one-of-a-kind holiday. Choosing accommodations in the area in which you plan to spend the majority of your time can help you cut your transportation expenses dramatically.

You will also need to choose the right type of accommodations for your needs. Hostels are one of the least expensive options, but you may need to research extensively to locate a hostel that provides the amenities you seek. Hostels in Sydney often start at $73 per night. Hotels are a common choice for many business or short-term travellers. Four- and five-star hotels often have many luxurious amenities, including on-site pools, gyms, dining facilities and concierge services. Inexpensive two- and three-star hotels offer comfortable, safe and private rooms, but they rarely have many extra amenities. Hotels can range from a reasonable $116 a night for budget hotels to more than $1,500 a night for five-star hotels with a view of the harbour.

Those who are expecting a longer stay, visiting family, on a longer holiday, in school or on a business trip may prefer something less expensive in order to stick to their budgets. If you are planning a long-term visit to Sydney, a furnished apartment may be a more affordable option, offering you all the comforts of home for far less than a hotel of similar quality.

Sydney has a multitude of accommodations options for families, groups, single travellers and couples. Knowing what you want and having a specific budget in mind can ensure a more pleasant visit.