Sydney is one of Australia’s best and brightest cities, offering its visitors and residents many diverse experiences, cultures and surroundings guaranteed to satisfy virtually every taste. The capital of New South Wales welcomes millions of travellers every year and has hundreds of hotels to accommodate them. Budget hotels in Sydney are available to fit every need and want, including yours.

view from harbour bridge of Circular Quay and Sydney CBD skyline
Circular Quay and Sydney CBD skyline.

Locating a cheap hotel is no longer as simple as checking with a single hotel or aggregator site or as easy as booking your flights and accommodations together. Although aggregator sites can be helpful as you begin your search and narrow down your results, you will need to do further research on your own in order to locate the best prices and hotels to meet your needs.

Your first step in locating the right Sydney hotel for you is to determine where you wish to enjoy most of your stay in Sydney. Do you want to spend your time soaking up Sydney’s sun and surf culture, or would you rather shop until you drop? Are you looking forward to exploring Sydney’s many cultural venues, or would you prefer an adventure that challenges you physically as well as mentally? Choosing the right location, whether that is an eco-resort in the Blue Mountains or a hostel on the beach, enables you to save on public transportation and get the most out of your holiday.

Your next step will be timing. Off-season travel is almost always going to net you better priced rooms than peak-season travel will. Sydney has several peak travel periods throughout the year. Winter tends to offer the best prices, but spring and fall prices also tend to be lower than summer prices, and these seasons have the added benefit of also offering pleasant weather.

Mrs Macquarie's Chair in Sydney Botanic Gardens
Mrs Macquarie’s Chair in Sydney Botanic Gardens

Next, you will need to research your options thoroughly. Explore several different aggregator sites, and consider using an online bid site. Hotels tend to offer different rates through different sites. If you fail to research thoroughly, you may end up paying the rack rate, or the standard room rate. You can often get steep discounts, however, by shopping around. Check for discounts for military members, seniors, students and more when they apply.

Finally, be aware of your options. Hotels can be extremely convenient, but they may not offer the best prices for your situation. Hostels are one of the cheapest accommodations for those who are on a strict budget while furnished apartments provide flexibility and a variety of amenities for a reasonable rate. Knowing you have many different options for accommodations can help you choose the best fit for your situation and your budget.