Sydney, which is home to 4.6 million people, was built around the lovely Sydney Harbour and includes spacious parks, expansive beaches and thriving shopping districts. Sydneysiders are a diverse and welcoming people, and the city has often been ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world. Hotels in Sydney have something for everyone and can accommodate all tastes and budgets whether you are travelling for business or pleasure.

Ferry to Manly, Sydney, NSW
Ferry to Manly, Sydney (photo courtesy of Tourism Australia)


Locations of Hotels in Sydney

Some of the finest hotels in Sydney are located in the CBD, which is the beating heart of the city. Five-star hotels cater to those who enjoy the finer things in life or who simply want a more luxurious holiday. Many five-star hotels are located in The Rocks, Circular Quay or along the waterfront.

Costs for CBD hotels range from $169 to $755 or more per night, and hotels often offer such amenities as gym and pool access, in-room hot tubs, stunning views of the harbour, concierge service and welcome gifts.

Hotels in Bondi or Manly can give you an entirely different type of experience. Bondi and Manly are some of the most well-known beaches in the world with their own unique cultures, beachfront promenades, eclectic shops and plenty of sun and surf. If you are seeking easy access to the fun and excitement of Sydney’s laid-back beach lifestyle, these hotels have it in spades. Prices range from $99 to $199 and more. Amenities can include a fabulous location and convenient access to nightlife, dining and shopping.

Hotels in the Blue Mountains are a great choice for an adventure or romantic getaway. They are close enough that many Sydneysiders enjoy visiting the region as a day trip, but visitors to the area can also enjoy staying in hotels in the mountains for a more rural experience while trekking into the city for shopping and dining.

Blue Mountains, Katoomba
Blue Mountains, Katoomba (photo courtesy of Tourism Australia)

The Blue Mountains region offers abseiling, rock climbing, bush walking, horseback riding, wine tasting and more while enjoying the lush backdrop of the colourful, finely scented Eucalyptus trees. Accommodations here include resorts, spas, bed-and-breakfasts and hotels, and they range in price from $110 a night to more than $1,400 a night.

Your Sydney adventure can be your own, and your accommodations are just the start. Your hotel can serve as your home base from which to explore this amazing historic city, which is home to art galleries, museums, cultural venues, gardens, parks and some of the finest dining in the world. Start planning your visit to Sydney today.