After booking your hotel accommodation in The Rocks, Sydney you will no doubt explore and stroll past this piece of work during your stay.
The Rocks, Sydney. A historical and magical destination.

Your Options When Booking Hotels in The Rocks

Accommodations options and hotels in The Rocks are available to suit all preferences and budgets. They range from youth hostels to five-star hotels and can vary in price from $46 to more than $1,200 per night. Five-star accommodations frequently feature enchanting harbour views and all the amenities you could want during your Sydney stay, such as on-site gym facilities and concierge services.

Many four-star hotels offer similar amenities at a slightly lower cost while two- and three-star hotels provide a safe, comfortable stay at a price that may more easily fit your budget. Youth hostels tend to be easiest on your budget, but you may have to trade in a certain degree of privacy and forgo some higher-end amenities. Furnished apartments offer the most comfort and space for long-term stays, and they can be found throughout The Rocks.

The warehouses along the sandstone cliffs of The Rocks house historic and modern hotels, art galleries, fine restaurants, cosy pubs, and much more. From The Rocks Discovery Museum with its family friendly collection of images and artefacts tracing the history of the area to the Village Bizarre with its cast of quirky characters, there is always something to do and see here. Visitors can access secure parking, water taxis and other public transportation in order to move more freely in and around The Rocks suburbs.

Today, The Rocks is home to quiet pubs, trendy galleries, boutiques and open-air markets, but it has not always been so friendly to tourism. The Rocks, which is located almost in the heart of Sydney, was first settled by the Indigenous Cadigal people, who inhabited the region for thousands of years before the Europeans arrived. European settlers arrived much later, in 1788, and they claimed the land for the British Empire. British convicts and their overseers settled in the area now known as The Rocks, so named for its colourful sandstone cliffs. Visitors to The Rocks today can enjoy a walk through this historic district or stay in one of many hotels The Rocks, Sydney.

Originally an open-air gaol, The Rocks still carries traces of its past in its timeworn buildings and cobbled streets. Boisterous sailors and convicts lived side-by-side on the sandstone cliffs overlooking Sydney Harbour, and they drowned their sorrows in pints of ale at their favourite pubs or enjoyed the company of their best ladies in the many brothels lining the narrow, dusty lanes. Although there are no longer convicts wandering the streets of The Rocks, you might still be able to hear the ghosts of sailors belting out the occasional bawdy tune if you listen very carefully.