Sydney harbour view from your plane window on your flight into Sydney.
The flight from Sydney, Australia and the view from your window of Sydney Harbour and Sydney CBD skyline.

Finding the cheapest flights from Sydney does not have to be a complicated affair, but it can take some legwork and a certain investment of time. Although some online comparison sites may promise one-stop shopping, exploring a variety of options and carefully comparing pricing can help ensure you snag the best possible deal and leave enough to let you splurge on even more holiday fun, first class dining or fun souvenirs of your journey. Where do you want to go? Round-trip and one-way domestic flights and international flights can be found at a range of prices. With the right information, you can secure one that fits your budget perfectly.

Your First Stop

Researching various flights and airlines can be one of the best first steps you can take. One of the easiest ways to check out your options is to explore fare comparison sites. Check which airlines travel to your desired location or locations and the range of costs for these flights. Even on the same flight, prices and options can vary widely. A single flight may have several dozen different price categories, and the prices can be based on many factors. Researching the lowest prices for tickets can help you better understand what is available and what will best fit your preferences, travel needs and budget.


View from Botanic Gardens of Sydney Harbour
Flights from Sydney are cheap for the mind when remembering this Sydney harbour scene.

Check the Airlines

Before buying your tickets through an aggregator site, stop off at the airlines’ sites. Sometimes the airlines offer better prices, reduced fees, sales or coupon codes that can dramatically cut your costs. Additionally, not all airlines allow their prices to be quoted through comparison sites. By checking the airlines directly, you can better examine all your options rather than just some of them. If you are not yet ready to buy your tickets, take the time to sign up for the airlines’ email list, and connect to their social media sites in order to get advance notice of sales or personalized coupons. can also be a great resource. Simply key in your information, and the site will sort through a multitude of ticket options to locate the best deals. Sign up for more in-depth information and alerts.


Do Your Homework

Once you find the cheapest flight, you might be tempted to buy. This may not be the best choice, however. That’s because some budget airlines tack on heavy fees for everything from credit card use to excessive baggage fees. Read the fine print on every site you visit in order to ensure that the great deal you discovered really is a great deal.

Shop Smart

When it comes to airlines, timing can be everything. Although some travellers swear by last-minute flights, the risk is more than most of us are willing or able to take. Last-minute flights can range from super affordable to extraordinarily pricey, and you may not be able to get the flight you need when you need it.

Instead, try to book about six weeks before your travel date. According to a survey by the Airlines Reporting Corporation, those who book at least a month and a half in advance can expect to pay 6 percent less than those who wait until closer to their travel dates. Begin shopping first thing in the morning when many of the best deals are first unveiled, and consider purchasing tickets for the middle of the weak, which tends to be the cheapest day for international travel. Fridays and Sundays tend to be the priciest travel days. First-thing-in-the-morning flights also tend to be cheapest.

What to Expect

Your costs will vary based on your destination.

• Sydney to Los Angeles flights
Economy class tickets start at $1,374 per person on carriers such as Virgin Australia, United and Cathay Pacific.

• Sydney to Buenos Aires flights
Delta, Virgin Australia, United, American Airlines and Qantas travel this route and offer tickets ranging from $1,151 to $1,519 for economy class round-trip tickets.

aerial view of Paris and the Arc de Triomphe
Flights from Sydney to Paris may well capture a view of the Arc de Triomphe from your flight window on arrival into the city of lights.

• Sydney to Paris
Flights start at $2,411 and can be found on Air China, Air France, Air Southern, Singapore Airlines and China Eastern.

• Sydney to London
China S, KLM, Etihad and Virgin Atlantic offer round-trip flights from Sydney to London starting at just $1,679 per person.

• Sydney to Singapore
Air Tax Europe and Qantas offer round-trip flights starting at just $420.

• Sydney to Tokyo
Round-trip flights start at $1,065 on Air China, China Southern, Singapore Air, Japan Airlines and Virgin Australia International.

• Sydney to Cape Town, South Africa
Sydney to Cape Town flights start at $2,174 for round trip tickets from Virgin Australia International, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific and South Africa.


Be in the In-Crowd

When you start shopping for tickets, the difference between a good price and a great price may come down to who you know. Sign up for airlines’ exclusive frequent-flyer programs or use credit cards that offer bonus miles or rewards. If you develop a relationship with the airline, you may have access to customized travel deals and perks.