an aeroplane flying above Sydney harbour and Sydney CBD
Flights to Sydney arrive from both domestic and international destinations.

Booking airline flights can be a perplexing proposition even for the most seasoned traveller. Determining how to find the best and most affordable international flights to Sydney takes not just good timing but also a certain degree of planning and risk. Flights to Australia are long and can be extremely expensive, but you can still get great deals that will allow you to save on your airfare and spend more on the things you really want to do. Whether you plan to shop in Paddington, go sightseeing in The Rocks, or spend a night at the opera in the Sydney Opera House, it’s all just a flight away.

Booking well in advance is generally the best plan if you want a guaranteed seat on a specific date. However, between two and four months before a specific date or travel season, airlines will often begin releasing discounted seating prices. The lowest-priced seating tiers may be available as late as one month before your flight date. You may be able to get advanced notice of the pricing changes if you sign up for each airline’s email alerts and follow each airline and various ticket aggregators on Twitter and Facebook.

two surfers walking Maroubra beach in Sydney
People travel on flights to Sydney for many reasons and one of them has to be the sun, sand and surf of Sydney beaches.

While many travellers are seeking the lowest possible airfares to Sydney, you may simply be trying to avoid paying peak prices. Airlines frequently hike their prices during certain peak travel periods, particularly around Christmas or during the summer season, when visitors flock to Sydney’s warm beaches and bounding surf. Booking as soon as your dates are confirmed will lock in your dates and ensure you have the exact flight you want. If you wait too long, you may have to book at an inconvenient time or pay even higher rates as airlines begin hiking their prices to take advantage of the sudden demand before the holiday rush. Last minute deals may be available, but if you delay booking because you are hoping for a last-minute deal, you run the risk of missing your flight altogether.

Finally, if you have frequent flyer miles, you may be able to buy as early as one year in advance and take advantage of prices that are already in the lowest pricing tier. Each airline has its own rules regarding the use of frequent flyer miles, so check with them all directly before booking your flights to Sydney to ensure you are getting the best deals possible.