Sydney and Hobart are the two oldest cities in Australia, and affordable Hobart to Sydney flights can allow you to enjoy both of them in one holiday. Hobart, which was founded in 1803, is a picturesque Tasmanian city that is nestled between the Derwent estuary and Mount Wellington. Once a penal colony, Hobart became the permanent home of many people who found themselves convicted of a second offense elsewhere in Australia.

The Peaceful Harbour City of Hobart

Today, museums and the city itself tell the stories of the convicts and the free men and women who eventually settled there. Sarah Station and Port Arthur are some of the more popular historic attractions, but many visitors to Hobart enjoy exploring the diverse art galleries or browsing at Salamanca Place’s weekend market.

Mt Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania
Mt Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania

Restored buildings with their original brass doorknobs and stately sandstone architecture stretch along the wharf while the Tasman Peninsula Convict Trail allows you to take a step back in time as you walk explore the historical markers throughout the native bush. Spend a day kayaking or mountain climbing in one of the many national parks in the area and an evening with a glass of local wine.

Arriving in Sydney, the Oldest City in Australia

Sydney is not just Australia’s oldest city but also one of its best known. It is an economic powerhouse and cultural center with global significance. The Sydney Opera House may be the most iconic site in Sydney. It covers 11 acres and welcomes more than a million visitors every year to its stately concert halls, luxurious restaurants, lively bars and shopping venues.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is almost as well-known. With its distinctive coat-hanger appearance and its memorable view of the harbour and Sydney’s skyline, the Harbour Bridge is a popular hangout for tourists who enjoy walking or biking across the bridge or climbing it for an even better view of the city below as well as bragging rights that they made it to the top.

Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House
Sailing through Sydney Harbour and viewing the Sydney Opera House.

Many visitors enjoy strolling through The Rocks, where the history of the city is palpable. Many sailors and former convicts made their homes in The Rocks and built their livelihoods from virtually nothing while further into the suburbs the free men and women acquired land grants and settled comfortably into their new homes.

Those in search of more current events can check out the beach scene at night when nightclubs, trendy bars and restaurants light up and swing their doors wide. Markets are filled with fresh baked goods, locally grown produce and hand-made jewellery and clothing. Visitors can explore museums, art galleries, tucked-away boutiques, stroll through the zoo or head out on a harbour cruise for an insightful look at the city’s past and present.


What are the Airfares Between Hobart and Sydney?

Flights between Hobart and Sydney start as low as $65 for a one-way ticket to $162 for a round trip ticket on saver flights. Business class flights range from $416 to $1,167. Prices include the Goods and Services Tax, government taxes and airline surcharges. Other fees may also apply, including credit card fees, processing fees and booking fees. Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Qantas and Tiger Airways all offer flights between these two cities. Flights, which last just about two hours on average, begin at 7:40 a.m. and continue throughout the day with about a dozen flights a day moving between the two cities.


photo credit: Mt Wellington via photopin (license)