ANZAC War Memorial, Hyde Park, Sydney
ANZAC War Memorial, Hyde Park, Sydney is a must visit if considering booking a flight to Sydney.

Travelling on a budget is a necessity these days for many people thanks to a difficult economy. Whether you are visiting Sydney to see family and friends, travelling on a 12-month work visa or you are backpacking through the area, you can save on your budget Sydney flights with a little work.

Begin to shop for your air tickets early so that you can spend some time comparison shopping and deal hunting. Most travel experts recommend booking your flights four to six weeks ahead of your travel dates. That’s because airlines often bump up their rates about two weeks before departure. If you are travelling during peak season, you may need to shop even earlier in order to book the flights you want or get a more affordable price.

Ticket aggregators are often a convenient way to compare flights and fees, but don’t neglect searching for deals directly through the airlines’ websites. Often the best deals can be found when shopping directly with the airlines, so connect with them through social networking sites and sign up for their email lists.

Another great way to find good deals on travel is through crowdsourcing. Unlike traditional flight aggregators, crowdsourcing puts dozens of people on the task of locating the best airfare for you. You will pay a flat finder’s fee when one is located. If you are unsatisfied with the results, most crowdsourcing services will refund the fee. Once you do locate a good deal, check for a coupon code before purchasing the tickets. Simply perform an Internet search for “promo code” for your preferred airline. These codes can help you take a percentage or dollar amount off the already-low cost of your airfare.

Continue to save on your travel costs once you arrive in Sydney by taking advantage of its free or low-cost attractions. The harbour is one of Sydney’s top destinations. Lined with skyscrapers, parks and stunning homes, Sydney Harbour can best be admired from the brilliant blue waters of Port Jackson. Try a harbour ferry or water taxi for a more affordable cruise past the picturesque Opera House, Fort Denison and more.

Sydney also features numerous sun-soaked beaches just waiting to be explored. Some, such as Bondi, feature shopping, dining and other amenities, while others are quieter and more laid-back for a family friendly experience. Walking paths wind along the sandstone cliffs and warm beaches for a spectacular view of the sea.

a view of Sydney CBD skyline from Botanic Gardens
Sydney CBD skyline view from Boatnic Gardens.

The Royal Botanic Gardens are also free and feature an incredible array of native Australian plants, wildlife and more. Stately, dignified Hyde Park, which was once a sporting ground, is now known for the enormous chess set located on the park’s western side. Even some of Sydney’s museums and cultural attractions are free or low cost. The Art Gallery of New South Wales, for example, features a permanent collection that is accessible at no cost, and the Nicholson Museum, located at the University of Sydney, has an incredible array of antiquities, artefacts and even a LEGO model of Rome’s Colosseum.