Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is nestled cosily between the Mount Lofty Ranges and Gulf St. Vincent. The city was known as a haven for those who were seeking freedom from religious oppression. Adelaide quickly earned the nickname, “The City of Churches” as settlers began to build temples, cathedrals and churches in which they could worship freely.

The city’s inhabitants today still pride themselves on their freethinking and progressive ideals. Laid out in a grid, Adelaide is surrounded by expansive parklands and is intersected by boulevards and spacious public areas. It has been named one of the most liveable cities in the Australia and in the world, according to the “Pro” and “The Economist”, respectively. More than two dozen daily Adelaide to Sydney flights connect these world-class Australian cities and keep business and pleasure travellers moving across the country smoothly and easily.

New Year Celebrations, Sydney
New Year Celebrations, Sydney Harbour. (photo courtesy of Tourism Australia)

The Adelaide-to-Sydney flight, which can be booked through Jetstar, Virgin Blue and Qantas, takes about two hours. Fares are comparable amongst the carriers and can range from $79 to $210 for one-way tickets. Specials can be found occasionally, however, as can last-minute deals. If you are on a budget, shop around for the best prices by switching your travel dates and times, and you can also save by using your frequent flyer miles. You can even find great deals by joining each carrier’s social networking site or email list in order to receive advance notice of sales.

Sydney’s Kingsford-Smith Airport is located about 10 kilometres from the CBD and offers many amenities for weary travellers, including currency exchange services, shopping and dining. Transportation options to and from the airport include car hire, taxis, buses and trains. Your accommodations options range from affordable hotels and motels to long-term furnished apartments or luxury five-star hotels.

Circular Quay, Sydney
Circular Quay, Sydney

The capital of NSW, Sydney has plenty to offer its visitors, from Darling Harbour to Bondi Beach. Explore historic Fort Denison located on picturesque Sydney Harbour, or visit cuddly koalas and bouncy kangaroos in the Taronga Zoo. Along the mouth of the harbour is Shark Island, a national park area that is suitable for picnickers and bathers and is surrounded by shallow waters ideal for splashing and wading. Take a walk along the Gap in Watsons Bay, and stop in at Doyle’s for a meal of fish and chips. Climb the Harbour Bridge, and spend the evening at the Opera, enjoying a glass of house wine as you gaze out over the twinkling lights of the city.