aerieal view from your flight window, arriving in Sydney, Australia.
On board your flight into Sydney, arriving at possibly the greatest harbour in the world.

Bangkok to Sydney flights range from $698 for economy class to $1,663 for business class. Many airlines travel between these two popular holiday destinations, including Qantas, Virgin Australia, Vietnam Airlines, Emirates, Thai, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, China Airlines Ltd., China Southern Airlines and Malaysia Airlines.

If you are booking a flight to or from Bangkok or Sydney, it is essential that you begin shopping early, particularly during peak travel seasons. Thanks to a low cost of living and favourable exchange rates, flights are often filled quickly, which results in the prices of the remaining flights soaring. Last-minute deals could be scarce or nonexistent.

Reserving flights several weeks or even a few months in advance will ensure you get the flight you want at a more affordable price.

Bangkok, which is the capital of Thailand, is considered to be one of the world’s finest cities. The cosmopolitan metropolis attracts more than 45 million visitors annually, and they flock to its diverse markets, spectacular temples, luxurious malls and thrilling nightlife. Sophisticated rooftop bars, exciting Muay Thai, legendary Thai massages and romantic dinner cruises are just some of the delights that await visitors to Bangkok.


Sydney, which is the capital of New South Wales, is quite esteemed on the global front. As an alpha-plus world city, it has much to offer its residents and visitors. Its pristine beaches, diverse cultural venues, shopping malls, street markets, World Heritage sites and exotic restaurants and cafés are just some of its many attractions. Sydney Harbour is considered one of the most beautiful harbours in the world, and it is the home of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the world-renowned Sydney Opera House.

statue within the Bangkok Golden Palace
The magic and history of the Bangkok Golden Palace.

Although Bangkok is considered a year-round destination, the best time to visit is between November and February when the weather is moderate and dry. The cooler climate of this season is quite pleasant, which makes it prime tourist season. While high temperatures and rain can make May through July less attractive, they do not stop visitors. Many actually prefer the lower costs of travel in Bangkok during this time. August and September are often the wettest months and tend to bring monsoons. However, July and August tend to be peak seasons second in popularity only to the season running from November to March. While not seasons, Christmas and New Year’s Day also tend to be fairly popular since the city hosts a variety of festivals and celebrations. For those who prefer a quieter, more personal experience, April through June and September through October tend to have pleasant weather and fewer tourists.

Sydney is equally attractive to its visitors all year long. It tends to be most popular from October to April when the temperatures are warm and the beaches are inviting. Mid-May through mid-August is considered the low season in Sydney. Temperatures can be cooler and the weather less predictable. Regardless of when you visit, sunshine is all but guaranteed: Sydney boasts 340 days of sunshine every year. Its pleasant climate lends itself quite easily to conventions, celebrations, festivals and other citywide events.