Some of the best sun sets you will ever see will occur in Darwin.
The sun sets over Darwin and the top end of Australia.

Flights to Sydney from Darwin can take you from Australia’s most distant capital to its best-known and most cosmopolitan capital. Darwin, NT, is located on the Timor Sea and was originally inhabited by the Larrakia people. Europeans later settled in Darwin in the1860s. The population exploded when gold was discovered, and pearling, railways and gold mines became the major industries in Darwin. The city’s strategic location led to its becoming a critical player during World War II. Attacks by Japanese forces nearly leveled the city, though, and while it was rebuilt, the city was crushed again in 1974 by Cyclone Tracy, a devastating storm that left only 400 homes standing in its wake.

The strong and resilient people of Darwin bounced back and rebuilt their homes, and today, Darwin is once again a vibrant tropical city that offers its visitors an incredible opportunity to explore nature and to take a walk back through history. Culturally diverse, its population is composed of more than 50 different nationalities, including a large Asian population and the traditional owners, the Larrakia people. The people of Darwin take advantage of the pleasant weather and enjoy an outdoorsy lifestyle that allows them to freely explore the flowing waterfalls of Litchfield National Park and the ancient cave paintings of Kakadu National Park.

view from your plane window of Sydney harbour
Arrival into Sydney on board your flight from Darwin, and the view is something special.

Who Flies from Darwin to Sydney?

Virgin Australia, Jet Star and Qantas all travel between tropical Darwin and sunny Sydney, and you may be able to fly the route for as little as $189. Taxes, checked baggage and other surcharges may apply. The average ticket price is $308, and round trip tickets average $612. Only a handful of flights travel directly between the two cities, which can make scheduling your flight a little more difficult. However, it is remarkably easy to find connecting flights, so you may get the opportunity to enjoy a detour or overnight visit in another of Australia’s well-known capitals or favourite cities, such as Melbourne.

Rearranging travel dates, cashing in frequent flyer miles and comparing costs using flight aggregator sites may all be able to help you get lower ticket rates. In some cases, buying early and watching the prices can also benefit you. If the price drops after you have purchased your ticket, you may be able to contact the airline and receive the difference in the form of a voucher.


Landing in Sydney

Once you arrive in Sydney, you may be overwhelmed by your options. There is so much to do here. Sydney welcomes millions of travellers to its shores every year. Many of them just want a peek at its world-renowned Opera House or the architectural wonder of the Sydney Harbour Bridge while others enjoy the sunny beaches, pleasant weather or cultural attractions.

Sydney is considered one of the world’s most liveable cities. It features an extensive, well-developed public transportation system that provides residents and visitors with access to its suburbs and top destinations, and it is also home to many historically and culturally significant sites. The Sydney Aquarium, the Powerhouse Museum and the Taronga Zoo offer family friendly entertainment and educational opportunities while year-round festivals ensure there is always a celebration going on somewhere in the city. Shopping, open-air markets, national parks, diverse restaurants, museums and a sophisticated nightlife combine to create a city that is unlike any other.