Cheap flights to Sydney from London are available through a number of sources. The capital of New South Wales welcomes more than 2.5 million international visitors to its shores every year. Cultural venues, outdoor adventures, art galleries, festivals, shopping and kilometre after kilometre of warm, silky beaches are top attractions in Sydney. Locating a budget-friendly flight can help you save money so that you have more to spend on anything that piques your interest. Spend an evening at the Sydney Opera House, wander through the Royal Botanic Garden or go shopping in The Rocks. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Sydney harbour view from Tarogna Zoo
The view of Sydney harbour from Tarogna Zoo.

Airlines Flying from London to Sydney

Three flights from London arrive at Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport every day from a number of different airlines, including:

• Korean Air
• Malaysia Airlines
• Emirates
• China Southern
• China Eastern
• Etihad Airways
• Qantas
• Air New Zealand
• British Airways
• Virgin Atlantic
• Virgin Australia
• Air France
• SriLankan
• Air China Limited
• American Airlines
• Thai
• Japan Airlines

One-way tickets start at $1,587 and can go up to $3,243. Indirect flight routes tend to be the least expensive but are also the most time intensive. Budget flights may also be available, but consumers should read the fine print carefully to ensure they really are getting the best deal and will not be facing pricy surcharges for baggage, card use and other necessities. You may also need to research budget carriers to ensure you have access to the amenities you prefer during the flight.

Sydney is a top travel destination and offers warm, pleasantly sunny days virtually year-round. The delightful climate is just one of many reasons travellers seek out Sydney for holidays, family getaways and other travel opportunities. When scheduling your holiday travel, it is important to remember that Sydney’s seasons run opposite of the Northern Hemisphere’s.

Summer is one of the most popular seasons to visit Sydney. Summer features warm weather, plenty of outdoor activities and exciting cultural events such as the Sydney Festival. Read more about the festival here. The busiest travel season, which runs from December to March, tends to attract not just more visitors but also higher prices. Because the weather is pleasant year-round, however, there really is no bad time to visit Sydney.

The absolute cheapest months to fly to Sydney are from April through June, but cooler temperatures may limit your options for outdoor activities. The spring and fall seasons are warm, sunny and continue to offer affordable travel and plentiful accommodations options. Nights tend to be cool during the spring and winter, while days are comfortable. The sun shines an average of six to seven hours a day.


5 Tips to Help You Locate the Best Possible Flights

Big Ben in London
Big Ben in London, one of the most well known buildings in the world.

Comparison tools and sites can help you locate the least expensive flights. Contact travel agencies or airlines directly to get more details about prices and availability. If you are ready to start researching and locating the best possible flights from London to Sydney, here are five tips to help streamline the process.


1. Book early.

Booking in advance is essential for locating the best deals. If you have specific dates in mind, start shopping at least six weeks ahead of those dates so that you have plenty of time to comparison shop, search out deals and book your flights. Last-minute deals are occasionally available, but you will generally need a fair amount of flexibility not just in your dates but also in your destination.

2. Fly during the week.

You may be facing the highest rates when you fly from Friday afternoon through Monday morning. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are generally less expensive. Saturdays can also be affordable, but fewer flights are available on Saturdays. The time of day you fly may also influence your price. Booking before 6:30 a.m., after 7 p.m. or around mid-day can allow you to snag the best possible price for your tickets.


3. Stay connected.

Sign up for email updates, “like” each airline’s Facebook page and join exclusive groups in order to get advanced notice on sales or coupon codes. Qantas and Virgin frequently offer special Friday sales, which means that you may also benefit from simply monitoring the sites of these airlines.

4. Consider various payment methods.

Credit cards often charge expensive fees for booking flights while booking with a travel agent may include surcharges for the service and associated fees. Several airlines offer payment options that allow you to directly debit from your account, which allows you to avoid those extra fees.

5. Count the total cost.

Luggage and other costs can quickly add up. Compare not just the tickets but also the extra fees and surcharges. If you are considering indirect flights, you may also need to budget for overnight stays, meals and other associated expenses.