Flights from Alice Springs to Sydney can take you from a rugged, sun-baked desert oasis to a cosmopolitan coastal city filled with every imaginable luxury and amenity in just a few hours. Located in what is known as the Red Centre of Australia, Alice Springs features plenty of comfortable amenities for its visitors and combines them with all the rugged excitement of outback living.

There are so many things to do and see in Australia that a traveler may want at some point to take a flight from Alice Springs to Sydney. The following provides information and answers some basic questions regarding these flights.

Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock)


What Are the Prices for Flights from Alice Springs to Sydney?

Prices from Alice Springs to Sydney vary considerably. A one-way ticket with only a few days’ notice will be in the $700 to $900 range. A one-way ticket that is purchased at least a month in advance will normally cost a traveler anywhere from $400 to $800. Cheaper flights can be found for $350 to $400 but several restrictions apply. A few of these usually include that the tickets are non-refundable and that name changes on the tickets are not permitted.

What Airlines Fly?

Alice Springs Airport currently has one airline that flies to and from Sydney. Qantas, which is the primary airline carrier for Australia, flies from Alice Springs to Sydney. Food, drinks, and a baggage allowance are included when flying with Qantas.

How Many Flights Each Day?

There are several flights from Alice Springs to Sydney to choose from on most days. These include nonstop, one, and two stops. There is, however, only one nonstop flight each day.

How Long Does it Take?

Alice Springs is Australia’s most central city, located in the southern part of the Northern Territory. Depending on the flight route taken, the trip by air from Alice Springs to Sydney is about 2 hours and 45 minutes. This is for a nonstop flight. With one stop the flight is usually in the 5 to 9 hour range, depending on the layover. With 2 stops, the entire trip can sometimes take as long as 20 hours.


Flying Out from Alice Springs

Alice Springs was first established along the telegraph line. When gold was discovered, the city’s population and popularity soared. Today, visitors to Alice Springs can trace the history of the city through its many museums and historical buildings, including the Old Timer’s Museum, the Aviation Museum, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, the National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame, the Residency and Adelaide House. Emerging and established Aboriginal artists and others display their work in art centres and galleries throughout the area, and visitors can explore their works through guided tours and talks. Those who are feeling a bit more adventurous can go fossicking for gems, go bushwalking through the brilliant sandstone of Rainbow Valley or see the Todd River on camel back.

As the world drops away beneath you during your flight, you can look out your window and see the brightly coloured desert below you. Emily and Jessie Gaps Nature Park, which is a registered Sacred Site and displays several beautiful examples of Aboriginal rock art, may be quite noticeable as you fly away from Alice Springs. These gaps played an important role in the Dreamtime myths as the home of the caterpillar beings that lived in and around Alice Springs and were said to have played a role in the birth of the land-forms there. The Red Centre will continue to drop away beneath you as you soar ever higher and towards Sydney, crossing over crimson deserts that are anything but barren.


Flying into Sydney

As you begin your descent back towards the earth, you may see the Blue Mountains, so named for the intense blue haze that surrounds them. You may even have the opportunity to cross over picturesque Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay as you head down towards Sydney’s Kingsford-Smith Airport and your final destination.

Sydney harbour
Sydney Harbour

Australia’s first European settlement was located here in Sydney’s The Rocks. Walk down its cobbled streets and listen carefully for sounds of long-gone sailors, or have a drink in a quiet pub. Sydney is the largest and one of the most popular cities in Australia. The capital of NSW, Sydney once hosted the Olympics and is home to such Australian icons as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Galleries and museums are plentiful and provide visitors with enrichment, education and interactive activities to keep them occupied for days. Surf, sun and sand are also major parts of the Sydney scene. In fact, no matter where you head in Sydney, you are never far from a beach.

From the crystal waters and clean beaches to the pulsing energy of the weekend markets, there is always something to do in Sydney while Alice Springs has a different feel that comes complete with rugged outback, vivid heat and red desert sands. Whether you are here or there, your options are extensive. Board your plane, and start your adventure today.