Australia is blessed with a variety of wildlife, nature and great weather. So there is no surprise that the beautiful city of Sydney is home to one of the largest cycling communities in Australia. The city is surrounded by beautiful parks and national parks and has incredible weather. When we think about the gracious city of Sydney, we definitely think about the good life, the harbor, the inner city suburbs, the botanic parks, the skyline views and the amazing restaurants. It is an incredible feeling to live in Sydney and biking through the city. Sydneysiders are biking more and more each year and City of Sydney council is encouraging his residents by creating dedicated cycle routes and sending his staff each week at key places to provide information about cycling around the city. There are also many cycling clubs in Sydney where cyclists can join the large community of fellow peers. Cycling is fun, healthy, cheap and good for the environment. Here are our top picks of Cycle Routes around Sidney;

Centennial Parklands
For the nature lovers, starting your day in the Parklands is the perfect way to begin your week. The ‘Grand Drive’ around the park is 3.8km, flat, car-free and it is surrounded by trees. According to cyclists, this park has the most friendly cycling public. Cyclists observe a speed limit of 30km/h and it is strongly recommended to follow the rules around the park. For families with kids, there are Learners Cycleways where kids can learn how to cycle while connecting with other kids. Above all, the park is well connected to the city and the suburbs. Remember to enjoy the sunset or sunrise while cycling here.

The Bay Run, Iron Cove
This route pass though nine parks where cyclists can truly enjoy the incredible views of the bay in which lies Rodd Island. This track is a 7km path that allows cyclists to cycle through popular places like Leichhardt Side, King George Park and Leichhardt Park Or Callan Park. The Iron Cove Bay is the most popular harbor in Sydney.

Narrabeen Lagoon Trail
The Narrabeen Lagoon Trail is a journey on his own. The park brings cyclists through beautiful ecosystems and abundant wildlife of black swans, powerful owls, diamond pythons and fishing bats. This 8.4km trail was completed in February 2015. The Lagoon’s shoreline of Narrabeen will take you through a journey of cultural heritage, historical sites and extraordinary Wildlife Protection Areas.

Olympic Park
This 35km trail is home to safe cycle pathways, wildlife refuges, mangrove swaps and outdoor arts. The park is a great way to see the Olympics icons and the spectacular parklands. There are different circuits like a 7.6km Olympic Circuit, the 11km River Heritage Circuit open to skilled and newbie cyclists. And the 5.5km Parklands Circuit, where newbie cyclists or experienced, can truly enjoy the ride. The park also offers an on-road cycle lanes for race cycling for professional.

Prospect Reservoir and Orphan School Creek
The park was built in 1888 and it is for cyclists looking for a peaceful environment. The off-road path is 29km and it soars through high points and it offers incredible views of Greater Western Sydney. And while cycling, stop at the Prairiewood to visit the Fairfield markets or at the Calmsley Hill City Farm.

Beside the above cited routes, Sydney has a lot of great routes to explore with outstanding views from waterfront to lake views. Akuna Bay, Stawell Tops, Ettalong, Gorges, Wiseman’s Loop and Royal National Park Loop are also great routes full with adventures and gorgeous scenery. Get ready to enjoy your ride!