Millions fly into Sydney, Australia, every year for work, school or pleasure. This cosmopolitan harbour city has much to offer its residents and visitors, including cultural attractions, beaches, festivals, art galleries, World Heritage Sites, stunning scenery, family friendly activities and shopping. When searching for the best package deals to Sydney, what are your priorities? Most travellers want not just the cheapest rates but also the amenities that ensure a comfortable flight and the convenience of knowing their other needs are provided for once they land.

people in restaurant on Sydney harbour
Aqua Dining Restaurant, Milsons Point, Sydney (photo courtesy of Tourism Australia)

International and domestic travellers both are likely to be seeking affordable rates that can help them better manage their travel budgets. Saving when and where you can means you may have more to spend on those little luxuries that matter most to you. Turn to Internet comparison tools when shopping for affordable airfare since these can save you time and money. Airlines tend to change their prices daily and even over the course of a day. Accessing the prices through an aggregator site or similar comparison tool will allow you to quickly and accurately gauge the prices and book as soon as you see the one that will best fit your budget.

Another common concern for travellers to Sydney is comfort. While you may not be terribly concerned with amenities for short trips, those who are on longer or international flights may be more interested in those little comforts that can make their journey more comfortable. If you are planning an international flight to Sydney or a cross-country trip, snacks, beverages, in-flight meals, extra legroom, quality entertainment and family friendly policies can all help to make your long flight more bearable. These amenities often come at a price, but they will be well worth the investment when you arrive feeling energized and ready to explore the city.

Manly Cove Beach, Sydney, NSW
Manly Cove Beach, Sydney, NSW (photo courtesy of Tourism Australia)

If you are just visiting Sydney rather than returning home, convenience may play heavily into your decision when you search for cheap airfare. Many flight aggregators and services sell airfare and hotel packages so that you can purchase both at a discounted price. Knowing you have your airfare and accommodations covered can bring you a certain peace of mind. You may need to do a bit more research when looking for combined packages in order to get the best deal as well as the ideal accommodations to suit your needs. Sydney has many airport hotels conveniently located near the CBD and major attractions, but other accommodations throughout the city may better suit your needs.

Whatever you are looking for when you are shopping for Sydney airfare, be sure to start planning early. By shopping at least a month in advance, you will allow yourself plenty of time to research, comparison shop and get the best prices available. Anything less than three weeks before your departure date may be considered a last-minute price, and it may be dramatically higher than it would have been if purchased earlier.