Of late there has been a noticeable spurt of growth in population in Sydney. The New South Wales Government addresses its transport challenge by delivering a modern and integrated transport system. On 13th December 2012, the government committed to build the $220 million line from Circular Quay routed through George Street up to Central Station.

The route of the Light rail is mostly on-street with an off-street section along Moore Park.
The major Engineering works are 1) a bridge over Eastern Distributor, 2) A Tunnel under Anzac Parade and a part of Moore Park. 10 new traffic lights will appear at the intersections on the route.

The major design changes announced:

Revised platform lengths at all stops to support the increase in the length of the trams from 45m to 67m, several stops were redesigned. Technologies were switched to accommodate wire free section around Bathurst and Circular Quay, There will be a pedestrian zone between Bathurst and Hunter Street. The Light Rail line is designed to handle unique events in the Moore Park division and the Royal Randwick Racecourse.

Sydney's Light Rail Construction on George Street
Sydney’s Light Rail Construction on George Street (photo courtesy of Broadsheet)

In order to deliver an improved transport service, Sydney’s Light Rail has outlined four stages.

1. Integration
Light rail has been integrated into the existing My Zone ticketing system and the electronic ticketing system called the Opal card has been introduced

2. Revamped the Existing Network
It Connected Dulwich Hill to the CBD by its 5.6 kilometre Inner West Light Rail Extension. It enhanced commuter experience by providing information on Real time and timetable updates.

3. A new CBD and south east service
CBD bus network has been overhauled to integrate with light rail .
Light rail will connect Circular Quay, the CBD and the south east. By 2019, George Street will be a boulevard between Bathurst and Hunter

4. Future plans
Light rail or public transport, such as Bus Rapid Transit, may be introduced for additional corridors. New light rails schemes will be extended support. Urban development also gives scope for the light rail network to extend to Malabar, Barangaroo North and Walsh Bay

This is Sydney’s primary integrated transport plan. It focuses on reducing overcrowding, especially around Market Street, thereby promoting growth and commuter satisfaction.
The advent of the Light rail line will transform Georgia Street. People will want to shop, live, visit and do business because of this wonderful connectivity. There will be wide pedestrian footpaths which will allow cafes, restaurants and other eateries besides street trees, furniture, paving public art signage and lighting. A large arch structure, Cloud Arch, will be the gateway of George Street’s pedestrian section.

First Look - Sydney Light Rail Corridor Opens
First Look – Sydney Light Rail Corridor Opens (photo courtesy of Broadsheet)

The driveways to buildings will remain intact and roads towards East and West will be opened to vehicular transport. This rail will give an easy access from Circular quay and The Rocks to the centre of the city and China town. After completion of the light Rail, there will be a big business boom, due to the linking of hotels to the Sydney convention Centre and Exhibition Centre.

The NSW Government expects light rail to be operational from 2019.