A flight into Sydney is magical on a clear day as the sight of Sydney Harbour is something to behold.
Your flight to Australia is full of many dreams, however it becomes reality when viewing Sydney harbour for the first time from your flight window.

Can a flight to Australia change your life? You may not actually step off the plane into another world, but you very well may feel as though you have. Australia is one of the most diverse countries in the world. From cosmopolitan Sydney and arty Melbourne to the rugged Red Centre and the brilliant Great Barrier Reef, Australia offers you a wealth of opportunities and possibilities. Lose yourself on a wine-tasting adventure in the Barossa Valley, explore World Heritage-listed Fraser Island or go for a drive along the majestic Great Ocean Road. Excitement and beauty are virtually everywhere, and it is up to you to choose your own adventure.


7 Points to Know Before Booking Your Flight to Australia



1.Australian Culture

Australia has an ancient heritage that dates back to the Dreamtime, or the time before the creation of the world when totemic spirits are said to have roamed across the earth. These spirit ancestors lived, loved and fought, and their actions are said to have formed the sun and stars as well as the rivers, mountains and rocks below. Aboriginal culture continues to be intricately woven with the Dreamtime, and rock art, bark paintings and songs and dances that have been handed down for generations tell the stories of those ancient times.

Modern day Australia was born of bushrangers, immigrants and working men and women who were committed to making a fair go of it. Convicts and colonial settlers found themselves in an unfamiliar, often-harsh environment. They craved justice, liberty and social equality and were committed to achieving these goals for themselves and for their descendants. Today, Australians are just as focused and are amongst the hardest-working people in the world.

Four out of five Australians live near the coast, which has become an integral part of the Australian outdoor lifestyle. Sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing create a heady mix of sun- and surf-driven sports. Some of the world’s top beaches are located in Australia, and many of them regularly host fireworks, surfing contests and other festivities.

Australia’s diversity may well be one of its most notable features. One out of five Australians were born overseas, and another 40 percent have multi-cultural backgrounds. Although most Australians speak English, more than 200 other languages are also spoken here.

2.The Cost and Standard of Living

One of the few countries to survive the global economic crisis with few noticeable scuffs, the standard of living in Australia is quite comfortable. The World Health Organization has noted Australia’s comparatively low crime rate while the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has reported on the country’s rapid economic development. The 2006 GDP for Australia was $1 trillion, and the economy has grown an average of 3 percent annually. Interest rates and inflation are both low, and the purchasing power parity, which is more than $30,000, is amongst the highest in the world.

3.Study in Australia

Australia’s education system is world renowned. Communication, research and a creative environment that fosters independent thinking offers students from around the world an opportunity to tap into success. Teachers encourage initiative, independence and innovation, and students are granted an opportunity to cultivate their unique skills and intellects in order to compete on a global level.

4.Holiday in Australia

A top travel destination, visitors to Australia can take advantage of every opportunity to explore virtually anything they desire. Mountains, rainforests, coastal regions, rich deserts, rugged bush, remote islands and vibrant cities with deep histories and exciting attractions abound. Walk past misty waterfalls, picnic next to quiet billabongs, relax on the beach, camp in national parks or visit Uluru for an emotional and spiritual experience like no other.

Cultural venues, festivals, theatre, musical performances and other entertainment and educational opportunities abound. Shopping is a favourite pastime, and Australian restaurants offer unparalleled diversity for the palate, including African, Australian, Mediterranean, South American and Asian cuisines.

5.Work in Australia

The vibrant culture, booming economy and potential for success have made Australia a top destination for workers. Skilled migrant visas are closely tied to the labour needs of the country, and workers will be required to pass a skills assessment test and English test, and they will need to submit an Expression of Interest. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship will evaluate applications and invite only those who are the most highly qualified. Nurses, miners, engineers and construction workers are currently in the greatest demand.

6.Permanent Relocation

The pleasant climate, rich diversity and high quality of life have made Australia one of the top three destination s for migrants. Skilled workers, students, expats and others have made not only their homes but also their lives in Australia, and 94 percent of migrants have proclaimed themselves to be very satisfied with their new country.

7.The Best Flight Deals

Are you ready to head off on the adventure of a lifetime? Make comparison sites your friend. Comparison sites allow you to easily compare the costs and features of the different airlines. You can also vary your travel dates, times and routes in order to locate the best possible ticket prices. Consider signing up for Airfarewatchdog.com, which can send you an alert when the tickets you need go on sale or the price drops.

Although comparison sites are convenient, you may not want to book directly through them. These sites often tack on pricy fees and surcharges that can really take a bite out of your vacation budget. Instead, sign up for your preferred airlines’ emails and monitor their social networking sites so that you can stay on top of any deals and coupon codes they release. When an appealing deal shows up in your in-box, you can then book directly through the airline.