View of Hyde Park and St Mary's Cathedral Sydney from Sydney Tower
When booking your flight deals to Sydney keep in mind the view you will experience from Sydney Tower.

Sydney, Australia, has what may be one of the most widely recognized skylines in the world. When you arrive in the harbour city, you will be greeted by sight of the iconic Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and dozens of brilliantly lit skyscrapers along the waterfront and in the distance. Flight deals to Sydney are available with just a little bit of research for both domestic and international travellers.

All major Australian cities send multiple flights into Sydney every day. It is one of the most frequently visited cities in the country. If you are travelling from elsewhere in Australia, you can get good deals on round-trip airfare to Sydney from every capital city around the country. Prices may not include baggage, booking fees, or taxes and other surcharges.

1. Tickets from Melbourne start at $187
2. Tickets from Hobart start at $222
3. Tickets from Adelaide start at $205
4. Tickets from Perth start at $515
5. Tickets from Darwin start at $386
6. Tickets from Brisbane start at $207
7. Tickets from Canberra start at $231

International visitors to Sydney often travel from New Zealand, Japan, the U.K., the U.S., and Germany. International airfare can be pricier, but by comparing prices on ticket aggregator sites and booking directly through the airline, you can often keep your costs down. Purchasing round-trip airfare or booking flights and accommodations together can help you save in many instances.

Aerial view from your flight window of the Sydney harbour landscape
On board your Sydney flight with the green and blue of the Sydney landscape through your flight window.

In other cases, purchasing tickets during the off-season, off-hours, or off-days can also help you save on airfare. You may also qualify for discounted fares if you are a senior citizen, student, member of the armed forces, or belong to certain organizations or groups.

• Flights from New Zealand begin at $326.
• Flights from Japan begin at $983.
• Flights from London begin at $1,292.
• Flights from Los Angeles begin at $1,247.
• Flights from Germany begin at $1,477.

Additional baggage fees, booking fees, and other charges may apply.

Once you have booked your flight to Sydney, you can start planning your holiday in earnest. Sydney’s warm beaches, thrilling nightlife, vibrant art galleries, and bustling shopping districts have something for everyone. Spend an afternoon in the Royal Botanic Gardens or an evening in The Rocks. However you spend your holiday in Sydney, it’s sure to be memorable.