The city of Sydney is a city of the world and one that deserves a visit!
A View of Sydney CBD from Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney has often been called a melting pot, thanks to its large multicultural immigrant population that blends so easily with the European culture. Just as naturally, the scintillating skyline blends seamlessly with the smooth beaches. Its laid-back easygoing nature melds naturally with its bustling businesslike atmosphere and lively sense of adventure.

There is so much to do and so much to see it is inconceivable that a single website can contain all the information a visitor or resident needs, but one site certainly tries: the City of Sydney’s site.

The City of Sydney site provides virtually all basic, necessary information about the city, including:

• Library services
• Child care services
• Youth services
• Services for those who are homeless
• Waste collection and recycling services
• Parking
• Animal services
• Recreation
• Gardens and parks
• Learning centres
• Swimming pools
• Community venues
• Council location and councillors
• City planning and improvement
• Environment issues

It is a lot to take in, but the information does not stop there. In fact, the City of Sydney website also provides insider access to information about all the best-kept secrets of the city, including short cuts, picnic spots, clubs and music venues, and other hidden gems and lesser-known favourite locations.

No Sydney website would be complete without knowing What’s On. After all, this city is a hive of activity 24/7, with theatres, open spaces, galleries, and venues galore in which to display the most creative minds of the century, as well as the Opera House and Powerhouse Museum. If the question is what’s on in Sydney right now, it depends on what you want to do. Plays, open-air cinemas, art workshops, musicals, concerts, exhibitions, classes and demonstrations, markets and fairs, networking events, walks, workshops, dances, and community events will keep you busy all year long.

Nevertheless, man and woman cannot live on entertainment alone, which is why the City of Sydney site ensures you have access to ideas about how to make your lifestyle more sustainable as you work towards a Sustainable Sydney together with fellow Sydneysiders or find the location of one of the 15 community gardens in Sydney. You can also learn how to donate to worthy causes to provide humanitarian aid to communities in need around the world.

Sydney’s vibrant cosmopolitan flare and fresh, exciting attitude is reflected in the City of Sydney site. Find whatever you need here, from city and environmental services to entertainment and charity options.